About the Book

Sport 2.0


About the Book

Sport 2.0

Professor @andymiah
University of Salford, Manchester
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Sport 2.0 is my new book published by The MIT Press (Jan, 2017). It takes readers on a whirlwind tour of how digital technology has changed how sports are played, watched, and how we evaluate performance.

In three parts, Sport 2.0 covers everything from social media to virtual reality, and everything in between.

This digital resource accompanies the book and provides additional insight into many of the references, including links to video resources, images, and data that is not available anywhere else, sometimes because the content has been removed from the Internet.

Listen to Professor Miah speak on the BBC's Digital Academy





The book is divided into three parts

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Part 1:
The field of pla

This section establishes the main philosophical and conceptual foundations to the book, exploring the relationship between sport, digital and Olympic culture. It sets out the case for why we should make sports more digital.

Chapter 1: Games Based Culture
Chapter 2: Real-World Games


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Part 2:
e-sports in three dimensions

This section explores the entire spectrum of digital transformations in sport, from the athlete and official through to the spectator and amateur gamer.

Chapter 3: The Digital Ecology of Elite Sports
Chapter 4: The Serious Gamer as Elite Athlete
Chapter 5: Digital Spectators in Augmented Realities
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Part 3:
The Olympic Games and sport's digital revolution 

This section takes a detailed look at digital media change at the Olympic Games, from Sydney 2000 to Rio 2016.

Chapter 6: Media Change at the Olympic Games
Chapter 7: The New Olympic Media
Chapter 8: Social Media and the Olympics
Chapter 9: The Effect of Social Media on the 2012 London Olympics
Chapter 10: Citizen Journalism and Mobile Media

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