In 2013, I launched the A to Z of Social Media for Academia, which has been one of my most successful blog posts of all time. In August 2016, I teamed up with the Times Higher Education to re-launch the list and work on some dynamic elements, which should give it more presence in the world.  You can view the full list HERE.

For citation purposes, please use

Miah, A. (2016) The A to Z of Social Media for Academia, Times Higher Education, Available online: 

The list began as a top don idea, but progressively has integrated elements and recommendations from others. For all recommendations, I take a detailed look at the platform, set up an account there if I don't have one and try to give it a bit of a review, before posting.

You can view the entire document as an excel sheet here.

The list is accompanied by an email list, which I manage and send out new updates that are added. To subscribe to this, please check the following JISCMAIL page.